What Sets Us Apart

Financial advice is professional guidance provided by a qualified and licensed firm to help clients make informed decisions about managing their finances. This advice encompasses various areas, including investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, personal insurance, and budgeting.    At Bradley Nuttall we focus on investments, including KiwiSaver.

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  • Licensed advice provider: When choosing an adviser in New Zealand, it is important they are licensed by the Financial Markets Authority.   This can be checked via the Financial Services Provider Registry.
  • Experience:  Consider their qualifications, affiliations and experience.   For investment advice, you should look for 20 years experience in financial markets.  View our experienced team.
  • Independence:   Independent advisers are not tied to any particular product so can provide unbiased advice.   
  • Fees:  Assess their fee structure and ensure it aligns with your financial goals and budget.  

We do not get paid commissions by product providers and only get paid by our clients. In that way you can be assured our advisers are acting on your behalf. Any fees that we charge will be fully disclosed to you, in advance.    

Our approach is to build long-term relationships with clients and our fees reflect this, i.e.  low initial investment planning fees and competitive ongoing investment management.   More on fees can be found in our Disclosure Statement.

Our Financial Advice Services


Unlock your wealth potential with our tailored management solutions. If you are looking for investment solutions or have suddenly acquired wealth, talk to our experienced financial advisers for personalised advice.


Achieving your goals encompasses more than simply investing money successfully. Our financial planning process ensures that all clients' financial affairs are in order, and our advisers will guide you every step of the way.


Bradley Nuttall has additional areas where we support clients with specific investment needs. This includes High Net Worth Individuals, Investment Consulting, Investment Visas and UK Pension Transfers.

We Deliver Value To Our Clients Through:


Our independent advisers are here to give evidence-based advice on investments that align with your priorities and financial strategy.


We provide you with confidence that, no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world, you are highly likely to achieve your most important life goals.


Our relationships are built on understanding financial goals and lifestyle aspirations. A financial adviser in Christchurch or Nelson will ensure our service is tailored to you and your situation.

Specialty Areas of Advice

High Net Worth

Often high net worth individuals and families have multiple investments across a range of asset classes. Considering these in isolation is not efficient and can lead to unexpected exposure to risks. We work with these clients to create and track an asset allocation across their investments that considers exposure to a range of factors.

Investment Visas

If you are applying for a New Zealand visa that requires investments, we can help structure your investment portfolio. The Active Investor Plus Visa requires an investment of NZD 15 million across various high-risk categories, necessitating expert advice to manage these risks effectively. On the other hand, the Parent Retirement Resident Visa permits more conservative investments, which can be tailored to match your risk tolerance.

Investment Consultant

If you're acting as a trustee, it can be prudent to seek expertise to help with your investment decisions or obtain a second opinion. This could be regular investment updates or creating a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives. Get in contact to discuss our investment consultant services to charitable trusts and other trustees.

Pension Transfers

Transferring a pension to New Zealand can be a complex process, involving potential tax implications in both countries and the consideration of various pension benefits. Our advisers will create a comprehensive plan to manage this process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your situation.

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As retirement approaches, individuals often explore investment options to reach their financial goals as salaried income decreases. 

Recently we mourned the passing of a man who almost single handedly helped us make our clients better investors.

International share markets registered substantial gains in the first three months of 2024.

What Our Clients Say

Bradley Nuttall have been my financial advisers in Christchurch and investment planning specialists for the last five years. During this time, I have been impressed and delighted with all aspects of their work.

Their customer service orientation is exemplary. They are easily accessible and can communicate the more complex nature of investing to a layperson in plain English. No question is off-limits, and they always take it seriously.

They visit in person each year. Because of this, my understanding of financial investment has grown substantially, which has meant I’m more informed and confident about the investment decisions I make.

The investing methods and criteria they use to inform their investment work are their own and backed by ongoing evidence over time.

Because of their intelligent and robust approach, I trust them fully. This greatly comforts an investor, especially during a pandemic and global financial crisis.

Being a client of Bradley Nuttall means a tremendous amount to me. I know my investment is in safe and thoughtful hands, that I will be kept regularly informed about my portfolio, that I can ask questions at any time and be taken seriously and that my needs for my financial future are carefully and respectfully made possible.

Chris Christchurch

Chris Christchurch

Bradley Nuttall runs a very professional financial advisory and investment service. Their advice is designed to fit our present financial needs and goals. They keep in touch frequently and recommend any changes to us before acting on them.

We feel we have a professional advisor/ client relationship that constantly evaluates where our portfolio is at. I recommend they invest money wisely and safely and then look after it for you.

Alan and Lorraine

Alan and Lorraine

Our Financial Planning Approach

Achieving financial freedom and financial stability is more than simply investing funds successfully. An independent adviser ensures that you have a financial plan to give you a secure future and provides the framework to monitor plans while potentially planning for the next generation.

“Achieving your financial goals is our ultimate success.”

-Doug Johns