Why use an independent investment consultant?

Whether you’re a trustee, accountant, solicitor or a wholesale investor, there will be times when you require advice about financial investment matters from an independent financial consultant. To support those holding fiduciary responsibilities, or to analyse complex investment strategies, Bradley Nuttall has, through experience and collaboration with research companies, amassed the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide objective, practical financial consultancy services.

We work with institutional clients in the following areas:

Writing and reviewing Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) documents
We work with wholesale investors / trusts to review and /or create robust investment governance and risk management document structures for managing their investments. While there is a multitude of investment policy statements available, many fall short of providing the necessary attention to the governance practices, responsibilities, and procedures appropriate for wholesale investor or trustees to oversee and review the investment management practices of their investment advisors. We provide the necessary “rule and review book” setting out also how the trusts investments are to be governed, reported and benchmarked.

Investment governance

We assist wholesale investors / trusts review and enhance investment governance frameworks to improve client and beneficiary outcomes. By being independent and objective we help with frameworks for maintaining an appropriate level of investment governance.This includes reviewing governance of investment products, the methods of measuring, reporting on as well as identifying factors likely to impact investment outcomes, investment manager performance and managing conflicts of interest.
Portfolio monitoring and reporting
Reading and interpreting investment reports from an investment adviser can be difficult for trustees without expertise in this area. We independently interpret performance reports and valuations, providing discussion points for clients and trustees. Where there are multiple investment managers, we take a holistic approach and provide reporting across all investments.

Sustainable and ESG Investing

Many institutional trusts have an obligation for sustainable investing. We will work with the trust to ensure their sustainable objectives are effectively incorporated into an investment portfolio. This could be through screening out specific behaviours and industries, positively tilting portfolios towards more sustainable investments or making impact investments.
And also,
  •  Selecting investment managers
  •  Trustee education
  • Cost control and fees
  • Investment systems review
  • Risk management
  •  Regular investment benchmarking

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