Our Process

At Bradley Nuttall, we recognize the importance of a thoughtful and systematic approach to investment.    Our financial advisers follow a consultative process which is crafted to ensure that your financial goals are not only met but are achieved in a manner uniquely tailored to your specific situation.   


In this complimentary meeting we learn about you, your financial and life goals, and your current financial situation. We will explain how we operate and our investment solutions to ensure you have all the information you need.  Your financial adviser will also answer any questions you may have.


Your Financial Adviser will deliver the analysis and recommendations during the Investment Plan session. The Financial Plan serves as the foundation of our wealth management approach, allowing us to address not only your investment needs but also any broader financial challenges you may encounter beyond your investments.


The Mutual Commitment meeting is an opportunity to formalize an ongoing wealth management relationship.  This is where we move forward with plan implementation by signing agreements, gather anti-money laundering documentation and other onboarding information.


This meeting reviews the implementation of your plan and any questions you may have. We will also discuss any advanced planning items which might have been identified.


Regular meetings allows us to review your circumstances as they change over time. We will review your financial goals and any changes to your circumstances. Such evaluations may indicate that changes to your Financial Plan are warranted.

What Our Clients Says...

Bradley Nuttall have been my financial advisor and investment planning specialists for the last 5 years. During this time, I have been impressed and delighted with all aspects of what they do.

Their customer service orientation is exemplary. They are easily accessible and are able to communicate the more complex nature of investing to a layperson in plain English. No question is off limits and is always taken seriously. Each year they visit in person. Because of this my understanding of financial investment has grown substantially, which has meant I’m more informed and confident about the investment decisions I make.

The investing methods and criteria they use to inform their investment work are their own and backed by ongoing evidence over time. Because of their intelligent and robust approach, I trust them fully. This is a great comfort to an investor, especially during a pandemic and global financial crisis

Being a client of Bradley Nuttall means a tremendous amount to me. I know my investment is in safe and thoughtful hands, that I will be kept regularly informed about my portfolio, that I can ask questions at any time and be taken seriously and that my needs for my financial future is carefully and respectfully made possible.

Chris Christchurch

Chris Christchurch

We have found Bradley Nuttall runs a very professional financial advisory and investment service. Their advice is designed to fit into our present financial needs and goals. They keep in touch frequently and recommend any changes to us before actioning them. We feel we have a professional advisor/ client relationship that is constantly evaluating where our portfolio is at. I would thoroughly recommend them to invest money wisely and safely and then look after it for you.

Alan and Lorraine

Alan and Lorraine