Bradley Nuttall Nelson is independently owned, specialising in wealth management services. 

When you choose to work with a financial practice or planner, we believe that there should be a clear separation between advice given and your ultimate investment recommendations. At Bradley Nuttall Nelson we are free from any vested interests by not having any “in house” investment products or solutions.

We have built our reputation on putting our clients first, partnering with them to achieve their priority personal and financial goals. The ultimate measure of our success is with the achievement of our client’s plans and life choices.

We are remunerated on a “fee for service basis”.

Our market research and advice processes are sourced from around the globe enabling us to develop and employ industry best practices.

“He knows the water best is he who has waded through it” Danish Proverb. Bradley Nuttall Nelson has a wealth of corporate and personal financial industry experience. We employ prudent and robust practices based on experience and combined in tandem with the best academic research available. 


We are dedicated financial specialists with a wealth of knowledge and motivation to understand our clients and their individual goals. We are committed to protecting and growing your financial position.


We use an Individualised approach to financial management, valuing long-term, personalised relationships with our clients.


We are regularly in touch with our clients, to ensure they know how their investments are performing and understand the strategy..


Our approach is based on the insights of Nobel Prize winner Dr Eugene Fama who has shown the benefits of a portfolio that is low cost, widely diversified and developed incorporating dimensions of risk, rather than speculation.


With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our clients have peace of mind that we have the knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals. It’s this, combined with our passion, that sets us apart.


Delivering value to our clients and a track record of sound investment performance and advice that meets client needs and goals.


We are independent, fee only advisers, and do not accept commission from any investment we recommend. Any fee rebates that we negotiate are passed directly onto our clients.



Our relationships are built on understanding individual financial and lifestyle aspirations. We want to know our clients and what is important to you, so we can tailor a strategy that fits your goals, priorities, financial position and view on risk. We meet regularly with you to assess performance, review your needs and explore new opportunities.


Bradley Nuttall Nelson provides a range of consultancy services including, a second opinion to review existing portfolio’s, preparing and reviewing Statements of Investment Policy and Objectives, SIPO’s, and KiwiSaver reviews.

A financial adviser is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority to provide advice to individuals and institutions in specified areas. At Bradley Nuttall Nelson we provide advice on investments. Our advice is personalised to the client and the clients specific situation.
Our process is designed to give you piece of mind over your finances now and into the future.
Read more about our process here.

It is important that you feel comfortable throughout this process so you should ask anything that is important to you. Some things to consider are how the adviser gets paid, the firms investment philosophy, how is your money kept safe, the frequency of reports and reviews.

Our investment philosophy is to build diversified, evidence-based portfolios. We utilise the academic research of Nobel Prize winners Eugene Fama and Kenneth French to form the core of our portfolios. Our model portfolios contain investments across different asset classes and geographies as well as being highly liquid (easy to buy and sell).

More on our Investment Philosophy is available here.

A diversified portfolio is important to reduce the risk associated with holding a small number of assets. But more than that, diversification across many variables should be considered so that the portfolio is not exposed to risks that are unnecessary. Our portfolios look at a range of risks across different asset classes, as we discuss in our investment philosophy.

Our advice process is designed to ensure we are following best industry practice. This involves a sequence of meetings to ensure the advice is relevant and personalised to your situation. At each stage you are under no obligation to continue and have time to properly consider each step.
More detail on our process is available here.

Bradley Nuttall Nelson has been managing client money since 2009. We use standard industry practice for clients assets to be held on their behalf at a custodian. Bradley Nuttall Nelson use MMC as it’s main custodian. You transfer money into their custodial account and any withdrawals can only be made to the account nominated by you.
The custodian independently values your investments, will send out reports to you, and you will have portal access to monitor your portfolio whenever you choose. MMC administers combined funds of around $100 billion for approximately 100 clients who range from investment managers to product providers and groups of investment professionals. More information on MMC can be found here https://www.mmcnz.co.nz/wealth-administration/

We do not get paid any commissions by product providers and only get paid by our clients. In that way you can be assured we are acting on your behalf. Any fees that we charge will be fully disclosed to you by your adviser. More on fees can be found in our Disclosure Statement.
Bradley Nuttall Nelson Limited holds a transitional license with the Financial Markets Authority. Details are available on the FSPR register and in our Disclosure Statement available here.
All licensed financial advisers are obligated to have a publicly available Disclosure Statement. Ours can be found here.
Sustainable investing and Environmental, Social, Governance issues are becoming more popular among investors. Your adviser can discuss a range of portfolio options with you.
If you are a transitional resident or have moved here (looking to move here) from overseas then you may have different tax jurisdictions to consider. In some cases this can be quite punitive. Schedule a no obligation call with us to discuss your specific situation here.
We offer a free consultation for clients. You can book an initial conversation via our online booking form here or call us on 0800 121 122.



What Our Clients Says...

Bradley Nuttall have been my financial advisor and investment planning specialists for the last 5 years. During this time, I have been impressed and delighted with all aspects of what they do.

Their customer service orientation is exemplary. They are easily accessible and are able to communicate the more complex nature of investing to a layperson in plain English. No question is off limits and is always taken seriously. Each year they visit in person. Because of this my understanding of financial investment has grown substantially, which has meant I’m more informed and confident about the investment decisions I make.

The investing methods and criteria they use to inform their investment work are their own and backed by ongoing evidence over time. Because of their intelligent and robust approach, I trust them fully. This is a great comfort to an investor, especially during a pandemic and global financial crisis

Being a client of Bradley Nuttall means a tremendous amount to me. I know my investment is in safe and thoughtful hands, that I will be kept regularly informed about my portfolio, that I can ask questions at any time and be taken seriously and that my needs for my financial future is carefully and respectfully made possible.

Chris Christchurch

Chris Christchurch

We have found Bradley Nuttall runs a very professional financial advisory and investment service. Their advice is designed to fit into our present financial needs and goals. They keep in touch frequently and recommend any changes to us before actioning them. We feel we have a professional advisor/ client relationship that is constantly evaluating where our portfolio is at. I would thoroughly recommend them to invest money wisely and safely and then look after it for you.

Alan and Lorraine

Alan and Lorraine

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