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What Sets Us Apart As Financial Advisers Christchurch & Nelson

Financial Advice Services In Christchurch & Nelson


Unlock your financial potential with our tailored wealth management solutions. If you’ve come into sudden wealth or are looking for investment solutions then talk to an experienced adviser for personalised investment advice.


Achieving your financial goals encompasses more than simply investing money successfully. Our financial planning process ensures that all clients’ financial affairs are in order and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.


If you’re acting as a trustee then it can be prudent to get expertise to help with your investment decisions or to obtain a second opinion. We provide investment consultant services to charitable trusts and other trustees.

We Deliver Value To Our Clients Through:


Our independent advisers are here to help you make smart investment decisions, that align with the things that matter most to you.


Providing you with confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy or, the world, you have a high probability of achieving your most important life goals.


Our relationships are built on understanding individual financial and lifestyle aspirations. Our process will ensure that the service we provide is tailored to you and your situation.

It Starts With You

We’re very aware that no two clients are the same having differing requirements, priorities, and financial means. Accordingly, our advisers will work to understand what’s important to you and what future choices you want to be in a position to make. “Cookie cutter” solutions or “one size fits all” approaches are inappropriate even for the most modest investment sums.

“Achieving your lifestyle objectives is our ultimate success.”

-Doug Johns

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Research indicates that personality differences can impact on the types of investments selected by an individual, the biases they are prone to, and the risk they are willing to take in their investment decisions.

It was most appropriate that the fourth quarter of 2023 included Christmas, as it was indeed a quarter of many happy returns.

Towards the end of the calendar year, there’s a natural tendency in the financial media to look both back and forward – back on the events of the past 12 months and forward to what we imagine the coming year might hold.

What Our Clients Say

Bradley Nuttall have been my financial advisor and investment planning specialists for the last 5 years. During this time, I have been impressed and delighted with all aspects of what they do.

Their customer service orientation is exemplary. They are easily accessible and are able to communicate the more complex nature of investing to a layperson in plain English. No question is off limits and is always taken seriously. Each year they visit in person. Because of this my understanding of financial investment has grown substantially, which has meant I’m more informed and confident about the investment decisions I make.

The investing methods and criteria they use to inform their investment work are their own and backed by ongoing evidence over time. Because of their intelligent and robust approach, I trust them fully. This is a great comfort to an investor, especially during a pandemic and global financial crisis

Being a client of Bradley Nuttall means a tremendous amount to me. I know my investment is in safe and thoughtful hands, that I will be kept regularly informed about my portfolio, that I can ask questions at any time and be taken seriously and that my needs for my financial future is carefully and respectfully made possible.

Chris Christchurch

Chris Christchurch

We have found Bradley Nuttall runs a very professional financial advisory and investment service. Their advice is designed to fit into our present financial needs and goals. They keep in touch frequently and recommend any changes to us before actioning them. We feel we have a professional advisor/ client relationship that is constantly evaluating where our portfolio is at. I would thoroughly recommend them to invest money wisely and safely and then look after it for you.

Alan and Lorraine

Alan and Lorraine

Our Financial Advisers In Christchurch & Nelson

Our Financial Planning Approach

Achieving financial success encompasses considerably more than simply investing funds successfully. An independent financial adviser ensures that all a client’s financial affairs are in order and provides the framework to regularly monitor plans while potentially planning for the next generation.