The man who helped us understand the pain of losing

Recently we mourned the passing of a man who almost single handedly helped us make our clients better investors. His name was Professor Daniel Kahneman, a Holocaust survivor, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. But…. he wasn’t an economist. He was a behavioural psychologist. His insights have been summarised by the Washington…

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Key Market Movements for Q1 2024

International share markets registered further strong gains in the first three months of 2024. A resilient US economy and ongoing investment enthusiasm for companies associated with artificial intelligence technologies were two of the key drivers.   US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, attempted to cool expectations of imminent interest rate cuts, but with the latest “dot…

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Diversified investors had more reasons to smile as the markets began this year exactly as they left off last year –  with another strong gain by most international share markets. In the absence of any major new economic or geopolitical shocks, investment sentiment continued to be closely linked to changes in the inflation and interest…

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Closer look at bonds

Taking a closer look at Bonds

In the realm of investments, bonds provide a stable foundation, offering investors reliable returns and security in uncertain times.  However, economic conditions in the past few years have presented hurdles for this asset class and it is worthwhile to take a deeper look on how these investments operate. To start with, it is a commonly…

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Investment Market Summer


Oct-Dec 2023 Investment Market Review It was most appropriate that the fourth quarter of 2023 included Christmas, as it was indeed a quarter of many happy returns. Global share markets delivered strong gains as market expectations about the future trajectory of interest rates changed markedly over the quarter. While the consensus view in the September…

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AI and human

Lessons for investors in an AI future

Investing in the share market can often feel like a rollercoaster ride, especially when new transformative technologies emerge, and artificial intelligence (AI) which recently exploded into the mainstream domain, is no exception. In the year to date, share market returns for companies with significant investments in AI have been stellar. Nvidia which specialises in AI…

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Investment market Spring


Jul – Sep 2023 Investment Market Review In some welcome news, the world economy is showing signs of resilience this year despite lingering inflation and a sluggish recovery in China. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its latest World Economic Outlook in July, where they noted this resilience is increasing the odds that a global recession…

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